miRmine updates

December 12, 2016: The miRmine database highlighted as cover image in the "MicroRNAs: A Gene Silencing Mechanism with Therapeutic Implications" symposium by The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY.


IsoFunc: Functional annotation of human isoforms.


MI-PVT: The Michigan Proteome Visualization Tool.

GuanLab Tools

MIsoMine: A data portal of expression, function and network of splice isoforms in the Mouse.
IsoPred: Functional annotation of Mouse gene isoforms.
IsoformNetwork: Isoform level functional relationship network for the Mouse.
stageSpecificNetwork: Dynamic functional relationship networks for Ex vivo Human erythroid differentiation.


In this high-throughput sequencing era, huge amount of miRNA-seq data accumulating but analyzing and understanding of this data is major challenge. The miRNA expression determines the specific function and this is also important for understanding overall gene regulation. The miRmine database is a collection of expression profiles from different publicly available miRNA-seq datasets and detailed information about the different miRNAs.
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If you want to manually download whole miRmine database, please select either tissue(default) or cell line option then just click on Run miRmine without doing anything. It will give you a table (retrieval time 2-3 min), which you can download in any given format (copy, excel, csv, pdf and print). If you are interested in particular type of tissue(s)/cell-line(s), please select accordingly before clicking Run miRmine.
Contact: If you have any query regarding miRmine please write to Dr. Bharat Panwar (bharatpa@umich.edu) or (viplavya@gmail.com).